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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Harkins-Larson [THE] Performance at UC Irvine

Edwin Harkins and Phil Larson are at it again, this time at UC Irvine last night. Check out their website:

I had pleasure of helping Ed resurrect some of this lost material in Final Cut Pro and Dreamweaver. He compiled numerous video clips from their 30+ years of performing together. These guys are truly one of the most amazing (faculty) products of what was once known as UCSD's Center for Music Experiment.

"Total deligHt thE.
iT's just wHat you neEd.
whaT makes you tHink you can gEt along without it?
iT's a just wHat it's a onE.
you'll love iT wHat is it its a thE."
- john cage

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