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Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Premieres, Performances and Speaking Events

I'm extremely grateful to have a wide range of opportunities for composition, performance and guest speaking this year.  Here's a run-down of the events this Winter and Spring:

1/3: Sam Wells performs Blue Sky Catastrophe at Spectrum (NYC), as part of Radical Brass, Vol. 4

2/2: Guest lecturing on my audio-visual improvisation platform, Apocryphal Chrysopoeia, at Illinois State University

2/18: Performing Apocryphal Chrysopoeia, along with Reynolds' Mind of Winter with the Callithumpian Consort at New England Conservatory

3/1: Guest lecturing on Apocryphal Chrysopoeia at the University of Illinois

3/15-3/24: Performing of my Rilke setting, Light from Outside, and a new arrangement of the arias from Reynolds' Justice with Tiffany DuMouchelle and Steve Solook at the University at Buffalo (SUNY).

3/29-4/9: Workshopping new electroacoustic components of Reynolds' FLiGHT in San Diego

4/6-4/11: Performing and recording my new piece Cerebral Hyphomycosis with cellist TJ Borden, while producing a new recording of Brian Ferneyhough's Time and Motion Study No. 2 with Borden and James Bean

5/22: Performing the new electroacoustic components of FLiGHT at the Philipps Collection in Washington DC with Ross Karre and the JACK Quartet

Summer and Fall performances include Reynolds' Shifting/Drifting with Irvine Arditti at the Darmstadt International Summer Course, and Reynolds' complete FLiGHT in San Diego and New York.

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